Brown Eyes!!

#Fiction #MaybeNot

Picture in CoffeeStation ❤

She had been pondering when would clock strike 2pm. She was all weary the very day. With continous spectacles flip, her strict proffesor was louring her with wide eyes. She still felt like not caring and just kept doing that. Did she wish her professor to throw her out of the class ? May be deep inside, Yes ! The chapter that day was, Bearing and Angles. She was getting highly bored because she loved it only when it had numerical parts. The theory part bores her. Her teacher was about to start the next topic that was Magnetic Dip but she couldnt sustain the bore out of her so she blurted out Sir, its already 2. Her proffesor glared her again but the whole class seemed to shout and yell so she rushed, did her attendance and left soon as she could. She jammed the brake to ride and found herself in the coffee station of Thapathali with less than 10 minutes.

There at the way, she saw James Dai walking around. They both shared a smile and then she ordered Cafe Latte with Chocolate toppings the very day. Suddenly, she sensed next person beside her who ordered Iced Mocha with Caramel Toppings. She was left with no words when she found the next person beside her. She wondered who it had been since she felt like knowing him and not knowing him. Ahh, May be both.

Time lapsed, she kept on glaring those brown pupils insanely like she wanted them so bad and so did he.

She could sense a complete world there. World of art, world of her kind of peace, world when he snared her and so did she, world where she did tear his heart open and got captured. His eyes had such intense impact on her.

James Dai, there came by with a tray in the hand with two big mugs. She beamed again and told him thank you. She started taking those sips of the cream part and loved how she found herself being totally melted inside that big mug. She kept on using her upper lips to play with the cream as she found it so, naturally playful. She kissed the cup with more passion because coffee is a real Bae. With second flips, she found her hands being held by the very stranger that glared her while ago. She couldnt even feel a thing as she found herself all cold. But too sensed how butterflies jumped all over her belly and how dragons fired spark over a pumping heart. As he holded, she felt a little relaxed , a little healed but didnt know the reason why was it so relaxing and healing. He kept on caressing her finger tips with his soft palms and she kept on glaring those brown eyes. She thought he was beside her but now he was infront facing her straight where she shouldnt bend away to glare and glaze his eyes. She didnt speak there as she do think she knew him personally but those brown eyes, ahh she knew them. They spoke louder than words. There was magic, some different sort of. And, she was in a trap of incantation. He caressed her palms now she felt those tinglings in her ear and the lobe. She wished it had been her lobes that were caressed the very way. She wished so deep, to go there beneath what the situation was upto.

Those deep brown eyes had some deep connections where she found herself true-blue in the purest form of human being. She found herself all chilled and floped in the serenity of a window view that was in the tenth floor of the building. She was reading a novel a fine art by, Khaled Hosseini. As the protagonists explained and she too got introduced in warmth of the cuisine the brown eyes made for her. The hot coffee and her favourite toast. She kept on glaring those eyes there as well and couldnt stop herself glaring them as they were heavily intense. Such intense that all the felicity bounded it making it no more less than pitch perfect. She hated perfect things all long but there she sensed her sort of perfect coffee, perfect toast and perfect eyes with a beautiful serenic view. As she dipped on the toast, her fingers got dipped in the mug of coffee then the brown eyes pushed her fingers inside his mouth and and wavered them inside with his tongue. She was feeling all good but then her toast got dipped in the mug and they got distracted with the splash of coffee in her white tee. She could sense how the things worked such precisely and fine. They both shared a quite loud laugh by then. She removed the book from her lap and then started wiping those stains of her white tee with water in the basin area. She came by stood and ate the whole thing as she was very hungry. She felt all satiatated with warm atmosphere and warm coffee with her sort of toast.

Then, she got busted with a phone’s ringtone it said “Why the fuck you lying why you only lying why you always lying” then the whole coffee station people raised their eyes to see the corner as her ringtone was an awful one. They both shared some natural beam together and then she drank the latte thing as it was all cold. She got all mesmesired into those brown eyes that her coffee got cold. Instantly , she found someone’s hand above her upper lips which were wiping the cream part. She quite of got stirred at the moment and felt all good but had no reasons for feeling good. May be because the brown eyes was way too good. She smiled and thought like acting a kid. So, she used her tongue to lick his fingers where the cream was. She could do this all because she was in the corner of the coffee shop where barely light entered until the curtains were turned on. She smiled and won a truimph by provoking the person to keep him touching as she didnt want it to be ended. Then, she hears the only sound that was goodbye and then she found herself all cold again. She found the curtains flipped all over and now she faced the torrid sun where she could only sense enormous rays of light. Those brown eyes dissapered like a fume, leaving her all numb.

She got up from the seat, lied all quiet moaning inside with a feeble heart. Did pay the bill and heard James Dai saying her, Stay Strong!

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  1. I will mark what you said, my favourite teacher 🤗


  2. Monologues are notoriously telltale in nature. The protagonist, or whatever she is, is said to be an alter-ego of the writer. So….
    On a serious note, a good try. Plot line is smooth but predictable and yes really slow. I did not have to read the story until the end to guess how it would come to an end. The girl in the story is presented unconventionally which is really commendable.
    Language is superb. Keep it up.


  3. deevyaa1996 says:

    Mero bro le nepali ma dyaangai comment dyaa. Lala malai badhai cha 😂
    Hope to please you more with what I write ani danger tariff thyo hajur ko review 😋😋


  4. sinister0o says:

    पढ्दा यस्तो लाग्यो मानै कुनै काव्यको एक झलक हो । 🙂 #keep_writing 🙂


  5. Admirer says:

    Hello Divya!
    I felt to say something to my crush. You write such well. I never had guts to tell you how much I loved the way you used to be such cool in +2. We were friends in facebook idk why you removed me later. You have always been that particular girl I have always dream about because I feel you are the rare cool person I have ever met. Coolest girl I would say. Can you please take it as a request and please like my comment so I get guts to send you a friend request.
    Mero aafnai wordpress cha tyaha bata comment garna sakthye but I didnt kina ki ali kati privacy banau socheko. But please yeti kaam gara I will be posting regular comments hai. Life ko one true crush lai mero samjhana. I have moved on but timro yaad chai malai aairancha. I think ma ko ho chinyou hola. Ani timro tyou topiee lagako photo ma you look very cute like a baby. ❤


  6. deevyaa1996 says:

    Okay then, I shall be coming to have football lessons from you hai ta 😁 Kaka fan 😁😁
    And I have brown eyes too 🤣

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Nishkarsha Dawadi says:

    *The only time, actually.
    Still, not that much brown but not black either.


  8. deevyaa1996 says:

    The last time I met you was all dark. The concert thing and the darkness made me see your brown eyes to black eyes then haha.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Nishkarsha Dawadi says:

    And by the way, I belong to the brown eyed neighborhood too.


  10. deevyaa1996 says:

    Haha that was my point too its a monologue and a story both. Thank you for your genuine review. If you feel I should be correcting some of the errors you can tell me hai. I love to be corrected as well. Thank you again for reading the post.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Nishkarsha Dawadi says:

    I’m not anywhere near to being a writer in the first place. But still, i find it pretty much relevant.

    The story starts in the class, and majority of it revolves in the coffee station. It shows two different contrasting ambiance, unrelated but still relevant.
    And the way you explained how you enjoyed your time at the coffee station, it does explain you being bored in the class and it’s relevance in the story as you knew what was coming next after the class was over.
    I mean, who wouldn’t get bored trying to stall for time, if one knew what was coming for him/her after that particular period of time is over? So, you explaining the “class” part is relevant as every next incident on it.

    Liked by 1 person

  12. deevyaa1996 says:

    I was just asking you was it relatable?
    Would have been more good if it didnt have the parts of class or its better the way it is? Actually, I got suggested from two of those who are writers to remove the class part as they found it irrelevant. Did you too? But I didnt remove it as there is the engineering thing too pyaro to me 🤣


  13. Nishkarsha Dawadi says:

    So, everyone can and will relate to this. That makes a good use of it in the story.


  14. Nishkarsha Dawadi says:

    Being an Engineering student myself, i can well and truly relate how bearings and angles, let alone magnetic dips and inclinations; and the never ending lectures scares us out of our wits.

    Plus, I believe that if ducks or sheep were sent to a classroom, even they would get bored.
    So, yeah !


  15. deevyaa1996 says:

    Okay thank you very much. Your comment is literally good to read as well. Thanks for telling the riding hood thing haha. Was the class part a good thing to connect the story or not? And yeah, you teach me vocab a lot lol 😁


  16. Nishkarsha Dawadi says:

    First of all, cute picture there, you little red riding hood.

    This read is so unorthodox, as usual. The way you explained that particular happenstance overshadows how well you put it all into words.

    I was all into your cute little story when your ringtone, apparently, one of your many shenanigans, turned my awwww into hahaha right there.

    Regarding phone ringtones, try using the “the lion sleeps tonight” from the Lion king, if you will.
    Not as much preposterous but equally funny one.

    And yeah, you are a great writer, by the way.

    Liked by 1 person

  17. deevyaa1996 says:

    I have brown eyes as well haha. Lets stare then 🤣🤣


  18. I’ve got brown eyes too. ❤😍 Beautiful piece.


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