Ultimate Power- Forgiveness!

“Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent to throw it at someone—you are the one getting burned.” -Buddha

I was there at a cliff with the one I had such huge dispute and egos. I bellowed while the other one barked. That went on and on and was there for like again and again. But at one point I reckon it was giving me nothing in hands. Niether, I was able to eke with the one any more nor gain any points to make myself right. So, I thought why not back off. I recalled the song, Let it go by “Demi Lovato”.

It has lines,

” Let it go,

Let it go.

The cold never bothered

Me anyway

Let it go

Let it go

Turn your back

and slam the doors ”

With that song in mind, I let it go by turning the blabber switch off. I do turn and slam the door but do I forget and mainly forgive? Is forgiving as easy as letting go. Or is letting go of things the first step of forgiving. Or Is letting go a whole lot of another process but after that there remains a mould of egos in self that doesnt make us light and liberal. So, what is it? Is letting go phenomenon a part of forgiving or we do let go of the conversation but hold the burdens inside this confined space of memories and fist sized heart.

My mother, the one I worship as the living god has been a huge example to me, about forgiveness. She has always been the teacher who taught me fogiveness is the ultimate power a one can hold. So, this whole lot of thing is dedicated to my mother. Yes, you mom, you have made me a person who can easily forgive no matter, what is /shall be the condition. And even, thank you to those who made me think about forgiving and letting go of those egos.

Forgiviness, in my dictionary is being encumbered and light from every hurdles we had in the bond we cared about. Human being, who cant stay alone has a unique potentiality ie; making bonds. Bonds, as described to me in a Chemistry Lecture back then, is sharing of molecules. And even in real life, when bonding is to be described, its the apporting of memories together and fabricating the memories together. We meet such many pretty souls in the journey of our life. We share so much in common that our heart sparks their image in our eyes. For a certain time or minimal period, they mean so much to us. We exchange those vivid dreams and fly high in the sky together.

Bonding may be of a simple friend, special friend or any sorta relation. The way of addressing and type of bonding may vary from person to person but we share so much in common and fabricate all the memories together. But later someday, we have disputes quarrell the hell out of nowhere in a topic that we have difference or create differences about. Soforth, the bond we had settles down like the sediments of sedimentation.

After all that jazz, comes the hatred that we cant handle. Incognizant, we create so much of hatred that it haunts us more enough to have all negative thoughts about them. Even the positive aspects of them which truly were catchy in the past seems to be all negative the day after we strife . We cant handle the forthcoming stress. We lock the positive energy inside somewhere. And only choose a way ie; storing egos inside. But, for how long ? How long are we to stay like that? Do we wish to be all negative when we frequently meet such many preachers of positivity. For how long are we to hold the mould of egos inside?

In Hinduism, Lord Shiva is too called as Bholenath. All because he has a special character in him ie; he is way too innocent and he can forgive much easily. Often in extreme times, we have read descriptions about his power of forgiveness. Lord Shiva, can be a genuine example of good forgiver. Remember, when things arent to turn as we plan we call it “Life Happened.” When life truly happens, things go opposite as we scheduled. People who were thought to be near, vacate way too fast and things turn pretty different. Still, do remember another famous quote by Nick Vujicic “Everything happens for good.”

Things do turn out much different and the bond we surmised upon gets drifted away but do we actually feel the true peace? Peace of mind and soul which has no burdens and can we be rigid easily? Can the feel of vengeance go easily ?

Yes, it can. No matter how big the mistake is, all we have to do is forgive and let go of things. No matter how big the other mistake is but there is no optimum peace than holding peace in mind. That comes forth, by forgiving. Forgiving yields bigger happiness rather than keeping those grudge and burden.

Hey everyone?

I think all of you must have had that precious bonds in past. Remember what did it really grant you? I mean, I mean what did the grudge and burdens grant you? It only had a compressive effect in your mind right?

Hey everyone again?

Recall the calmity, the zeal for peace, the serenity in mind after you did let go of the things that you holded after the bond you mattered became a past bond.

Dont you want to be free and calm everytime?

Suppose you commited a hinderous crime. You are too guilty about it. Okay, okay crime and mistakes happen. Crime can happen but the biggest crime can be covering it and not being guilt about it. But, if you are too guilty dont you crave for forgiveness? But why do you crave for forgivess? Have you ever realised that. Isnt it because it is the process of changing the other harmed one’s thought from I shall take the vengeance to okay I shall let it go. Isnt it?? So, why seek vengeance ? When you yourself if found guilty wants to be forgived way harder. Isnt the same case with others too? So, just do think why should you forgive and what has those burdens of burried egos granted you till date.

Remember, if world and the humans here had power of forgiveness. What shall it truly grant ? Just think about the world, free of egos and deep vengeance. Think about the world thats beyond the Pandora’s Box. World, which has no negative vibes and no any feel of revenge.

Close your eyes and do think about world’s terrorism coming to end. Somedays, I am tired with those terrorist group mass murdering news. May be everyone is. Has it granted anything rather than inventions of nuclear weapons in the world’s science? Has those sheded blood given example of their bravity. I dont know much deeper why terrorism is prevailing in the world but I do only know that it is creating a chain. A chain of revenge to another revenge. The very dearest human beings of mother earth, please do close your eyes and think about being how nature has made us superior creature. Just, do think why are we made superior? Isnt it all because we are capable to share love. Share love, to mother earth and the biotic enviroment of the very earth, right?

But, what are we truly doing instead. Having vengeance and egos. Killing and having our era as peak of brutaulity, thats it. Do think, when is this to end? Shall it even come to 0?


I have a simple solution of everything. Let everything be the way it is. Be clear about what are we to do now and lets forgive in the name of those thousands alive and innocent people. Lets not create a chain of revenge. Lets end the feel of I shall see you in coming time to perplexity and calmity of mind and heart.

You feel way good when forgiven right? Then, why not start from today for making them feel way good as well. Forget those hurtful past. See, the beautiful forthcoming future. Imagine, the future of serenity in mind without those mould of egos and revenge. Aint it beautiful?

Remember, one single thing which is very much important in the process of forgiving. That is, what power you have been granted by holding those grudge and revenge and what power you shall have with a zeal for peace in mind and with no burried egos. Imagine, which would be serenic .

Do think, the choice is all yours.

Either a beautiful start of another day or surmising on the same old theory ie; I shall make you pay.

Hey beautiful homosapiens, please learn to forgive. Feel the seventh sky with no egos and sell smiles everywhere.


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  1. Mr.X says:

    😀 those two lines are for the writer inside u 😀 tesari milaera bujha na 😀


  2. deevyaa1996 says:

    Ali dherai tariff vayo yo hawa post ko lagi bro. 😂


  3. Mr.X says:

    सलाई कोरेर आगो त सबै लगाउन सक्छन्,
    शब्द कोरेर बिरलैले !!!!
    #kindness_for_change #forgiveness_for_peace


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