An Inspiration, Lagertha !

This post is in evocation of one of the historic character that inspirits me, Lagertha. She was a Viking Shieldmaiden back then, in the place now called, Norway. This is just in memory of her. This shall not contain things of her deeds. Will write a review about Lagertha after I read the Trilogy (Oddin’s Child, Sworn Brother, King’s Man) by Tim Severin.

She, has inspired me utmost. So, this is just in memory and I aspire to have such spirit within.

Katheryn Winnick portraying as “Lagertha”

Today, I live in the world where most girls surmise exterior beauty to be the only lust. If a girl like Lagertha, existed, I believe there is nothing in the world that a girl can’t do. A girl is wholly beautiful just with her brain. Exterior beauty will dry like flower petals. But tales of your strength, your fierce nature to achieve goals is to be remembered.

I supplicate every girl to empower the self with immense knowledge rather than tanning mind up with a thought of being called beautiful.

Every girl has that Viking spirit in her. Realize it before time flies. Be a warrior of your own world.

Don’t you think, someone must change the literal meaning of beauty, the very dictionaries have. I have seen little girls trying to be someone else. I have seen them trying to copy someone else to be called beautiful. Meanwhile, too heard and learnt stories of them being all into depression getting anxiety attack. Please world, let’s not teach those little girls that beauty is all that of having a pretty little cute face.

Your eyes, her eyes are different. Your lips, her lips are different. But, after all eyes do see lips do blabber. It’s the same function anyhow. The human body is for functioning, but true beauty lies in showing the audacity with that human body.

Everybody is born special, do you know why?

Fighting with those millions of spermatozoon wasn’t easy. The hush and rush to be the one, you have become the one. You are a pretty tough kid. Come on, You did fight with millions. So how come any human being is less? Tell me how come anyone is less??

So, don’t you dare ever tell that I am to give up or don’t you ever dare to tell that I can’t and should quit. You have won a race, a marathon being the first among those millions so you are damn special. Every one of “YOU”, yes “YOU” are, very, very special, a peculiar case.

So, stop practicing, mainstream. Stop being Zerox version of someone else. Stop seeking perfect things. Smile, laugh, learn, grow, explore and feel beautiful in those every moment of life. True beauty, is hidden beneath those layers. Please tear that up. Rise up, shine crazy like a diamond.

Feel beautiful the way you are and be all bold to be an example not a Zeros version.

Back then I read,

Beauty and Gender- Susan Sontag.

I got pretty convinced with that as well.

This line, in fact,” To be called beautiful is thought to name something essential to women’s character and something. (In contrast to men- whose essence is to be strong, or efficient or competent)” – Beauty and Gender, Susan Sontag.

Shared in Social Media and captioned this.

I never am a flawless person. Blemishes, I love them. And I don’t even have a even skin tone. I don’t have perfect things ever.

How would I when I even don’t have perfect conversations? I don’t wish to be all perfect. All I want is to remain the same Divya to everyone I know. I never want to change spiritually. Wanna be the same sort of person whom I was back, now and then. Exceptional to improvising self for something good.
I wouldn’t get scared if someone has to post an ugly picture of me. Even then, I would laugh with a thought how ugly I looked.

These days, I see so much of perfectness everywhere. But I am jaded. My eyes want new like, raw faces with no fear. Don’t you? Why not promote your true self? Why not go on a randomest date with no make over. Okay, make up thing is good, but don’t you think the everyday use of it shall leave you all old in an early days of your life.

Remember those queens of those eras who are portrayed such beautifully. Did they have so much to make up thing?

I am tired some days with the if and buts of society. Why the girl has so much of Misogyny? Why society, why??
Why have you created a boundary to be beautiful? Is it really a need??
Isn’t every human being beautiful the way they are? Why do we need to change and fake every day? Why do we fear if caught in real state our loved one shall be away? Why do we need to look perfect?
Were we born to pretend that we are perfect?

Okay, I admit I even do love make up someday, but I wouldn’t fake to the world. Its because someday, I want a new me with make up on. Doesn’t mean, I want to add more beauty.

But why have the world created who is beautiful and when. Aren’t we beautiful every day? Aren’t we? Don’t you think, Peter Dinklage makes such a manly gesture with everything he does? Don’t we have so many heroes to get relieve of those fears? Aren’t we beautiful every day? Aren’t we??

Why do we need to fear? Were we brought up fighting with those millions of sperms to just fear with the society? Is fear the only thing we have? Why have we forgotten to be the real us? Why??


Think out of the box, think radical.
Just be you. Function hard via human’s CPU i.e. Brain!

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