The Hope!


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Just walking onward-forth heads to a shore. She lies near by a bench and unfetters her tangled hair. The wind flowing towards hits her face with her hair and gets all over her face. She lies down brooding and then her phone beeps.

Its been a year plus since she has known him. It all started when she mailed a stranger who commented something shoddy and evocative too. Has went to some formal meet as well, the so called “Coffee Dates”. Her phone has a screensaver of her last coffee she had and showed a message that said, Dahlia, Please meet me once before you leave.

Dahlia, a 20 year, young, energetic writer who nurtures a blog and too works as a intern in a famous magazine house. She hangs out with less people and is reputed as “Writer” among her closed ones. She has never been in any serious relationship and is very bashful, when its about having it.

Dalhia, keeps getting lot of comments in her blog but this man just did grab a lot of her attention. She kind of cognated him and even not liked him in many ways. As she found him, too damn bossy while she too found him kind, tender. A mixed vibe and emotions, running through her head makes her realise the differences she has with the man. Its because of the No-No tags she has kept in the very relationship. Might be she is petrified to remain comitted or might be of some other reasons that pushes her away from being with him.

She remembers the gap she has in between but too feel so much compatiable. She remembers a quote from movie, Shawshank Redemption, “Hope is the best thing and best thing never dies.” She hopes a lot of things in this relation which has so much of differences but still feel such transfixed when its to remove the No-No tags.

As the tides grow, she feels colder and colder. The phone again beeps and had a text which said, I dont think you want to meet me but please consider that, you are something so different I found in 40 years of my life.

Despite every connection she has with the man, she is immensely tortured by the age gap she shares with him. She fears how will she be able to handle all past history and even the future traumas that are on the way but suddenly too hopes that, things will run fine. Hopes are high and hope never dies, her one version keeps squealing her this while her another version is a scarebaby who isnt ready to jump even from the normal cliff. She thinks, what if the things turn all different or too surmise what if this hope leads to good things that promises her perpetuity.

The time is now, when she hears the man she feels affixed to be just by her side.


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  1. Actually, Brown Eyes ko part chai cha havent posted tara its a new one bro. Brown Eyes chai it needs some editing part 2 ready nai xa. 🤣


  2. Mr.X says:

    are u writing a book ?? and i somehow think this post related to brown eyez :p i may be wrong


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