She, The Avian!

Ted in my bed wishes for another dawn.


Exhaling and

Vacating hopes

The one lied, trembeled

In notion

Bounded by pressure

To do this and

To do that

Now, then she


How is she rising

From what to


What not

From the world

Where the she was taught

This is how birds chirp

Now turns self

And feels self

To be the bird

Forgets about how birds chirp

Now she makes

The music of her own

From the world where she

Was taught

To return home

when sun says bye

Now then she flies

open in the moonlight

Dreaming about

how tallest peak

Would look in dawn

From the world where she

Was warned


Just to face the two faced world

She now

Faces cruelty

At utmost

But then, she

Exchanges smile

To win a truimph

Quite and silent

Her heart moaned

And roared

How she wanna grow liberal

How she wanna be in the city lights

Now finds self

Surrounded by thousands of face

With different race

In the same city she dreamt about

Flies here and there

Sings a country song

To ease

In memoir of her feast

From the world

Where she feared just

Seeing how the liberal birds

Chirps till long morning

Now finds self singing

And playing music of self

In the memoir of one’s feast

In the memoir of one’s feast.


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