Right vs Wrong?

Wood Bark as Heart and Lake as Brain

When distance seems infinite

She lies,

Brooding, keeping egoes

I am not gonna do

I am not gonna do, that

Because I’m right

Her heart squealing her with

Traffic of words beneanth

Trying to pour every sense

She could make with that

But, egoes you know

A fight for existence

Between human brain

And her feeble heart

Trying to forget the smootches

Trying to remember the chaos

She, yells

I am not gonna do that

Her hand trembling

In her phone’s screen

Making her type sth

And again, egoes making

Her undo, everything

You need to pop out

Words are squealing you

Her heart said,

But her mind said,

You are capable, yes you are

Stop, hold on and let go

Stop being ignored

Stop getting notion

Stop getting chill vibes

Her bed, lied the same

Since days, saying her

I love you, just stay here

Mom’s picture in the wall

Saying her,

Wake up little girl

You have to conquer your fears

Raise your butt, grow up

Tender like petals, my sweet child

Be fearless, leap up

Stand because

You ought to rise

Defy because

You ought to fight back

Words, benaeath saying her

The traffic is killing

You, yourself and

Eating your soul

Open up, confront

Because thats the right thing

Her brain

Explaining her,

What she can be if she

Wins a truimph against

Her big fears

The woes of her doing

Making her realise

How is she trapped between

Her heart and her mind

She yelps, trying to figure

Which is the way to choose

Now, then contemplates

Its not her brain or heart

That she has do accord to

But its the choice

Choice, she has to make

That can be right or

That can be wrong.

Its a battle of doing

Right or Wrong.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. I have added the lines. She contemplates, to just choose the right thing. Got it now ??


  2. Mr.X says:

    so heart or brain it is ?


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